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No Limits – Adaptive Scuba Diving

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Salt Water Heals Everything

No Limits is So Scuba’s & Okenos’ individual or combined activities with the aim to build confidence in the lives of those with a disability, through the zero gravity experience of scuba diving.

Scuba Diving?
Like clay pigeon shooting or fencing; scuba diving is one of those activities everybody ‘knows’ something about but it most probably will not be high on the priority list of ‘doing’
However Scuba Diving is actually a very accessible activity for any BODY, because no base ’talent’ is required as with e.g. football, skiing or tennis. It is one of the fastest growing activities in the leisure industry and it has a very short learning curve.

Why should people with other needs go scuba diving?

  • Empowerment; when they overcome barriers, they may be ready to overcome other life barriers
  • Weightlessness; 360 degree movement without effort
  • Social Inclusion; all divers are equal (there is no such thing as ‘wheelchair diving’)
  • Expand social circle by dive travel, dive clubs, meet ups, new dive related interests

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None of the large certifying agencies provides so far specialist training for instructors & assistants to teach scuba diving to people with physical and light mental disabilities. Meaning that divers with other needs will be certified in a training program by instructors that teach ‘how they feel is sufficient’ and without a system in place to measure the result of that standard of education. International Association of Handicapped Divers (IAHD) provides ISO certified training standards for instructors, who now in their turn can pass on ISO certifying standards to their student divers with other needs.

An IAHD scuba certification is no different than one from an other certifying agency, however your IAHD certification will clearly specify your required assistance level when diving