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so scuba - scubseadaisy - Adaptive Scuba Coach

Salt Water Heals Everything

When you decide to take the plunge and see what wonderful world there is to discover under the surface, you may just have found the right person to take you there! I understand your excitement or even slight anxiety, and will make sure you will have the time of your life! With a Try Diving Experience, I’ll give you an extensive explanation and when you are comfortable we set off on the dive! I conduct my introductions in a ratio of maximum 2:1 so each first timer will have my attention and is in complete safe hands. If you have already done an introduction to diving and just straight want to start with a full scuba course I can certify you as a PADI or SSI diver, or when you have special needs we can do an adaptive program within the IAHD standards. Each organisation has its own way of doing this, but in the end they will all come down to the same thing: Being safe underwater and having a great time!

– Scuba Diver
– Open Water Diver
– Advanced Open Water Diver
– Rescue Diver
– Dive Master
– Various Dive Specialities
– Assistant Instructor

– Confined Water Diver
– Open Water Diver
– Adaptive Dive Partner
– Instructor Assistant
– Surface Support Specialist

For more information about the No Limit initiative click here

I am active at the Aegean coast of Turkey and the Greek Island of Kos, whenever you are in the area be sure to get in touch as in the end …. it is not the dive center that teaches you how to dive, but the instructor(s) employed there 😉