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Do not come to Turkey?

A wave of shock went through our Turkish Diving Community when this screenshot was posted. One of our UK customers had received a promotional email from THY (Turkish Airlines) explaining how dive gear would fly for free from the UK to 18 destinations world wide.

That is fab! Ofcourse too bad for all of us dive operators here in Turkey, that Turkish Airlines had not put a Turkish destination in that list.

The screenshot was tweeted & retweeted, people sent emails to THY and used the feedback form on the website. One received a reply that this was a promotion by “THY aimed at foreign market” …. well that much is clear, the question is more, why no gear for free to Turkey for the foreign market?

Anyway, it is up to us dive operators on our own to help convince the already dwindling and shrinking amount of tourists to come dive the amazing spots at the Aegean and Med. Did you know for example that Kusadasi has the largest airplane wreck of Europe? Did you know that 3 days diving in Bodrum you could do a different wreck dive every day? Did you know that Bodrum, Kas, Karaburun have some amazing underwater topography?

Ok, so Turkey is not the Red Sea, or the Indian Ocean when it comes to marine life, but still some great diving can be done there. I should know, been diving here for over 10 years!

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