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5 Reasons To Start Scuba Diving Right Now!

Scuba Diving? ....YES.... scuba diving!

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People get into scuba diving for many different reasons. Maybe you got introduced to the activity by a friend, maybe you came across it whilst you were on holiday. Whatever may be the reason a lot of these people got hooked to it straight after their first try!

Scuba diving is great! I should know I am making a living of it. Next to cheesecake it is probably the single most enjoyable thing I have going on most of the time!

Are you still not convinced scuba diving may be for you? Here are 5 of my top reasons why you should have started scuba diving like yesterday!

1 Go where nobody hardly ever goes!

Planet Earth is a strange name for this thing we live on, since most of it is covered in water. Our planet looks like a blue marble from out of space an that inviting blue is all because of our oceans and seas.

Depending on what statistics you look at it seems that more than 70% of the planet is covered in water, and that is a lot! We are also still discovering what lives there and new species or new species' behavior is discovered daily. Compared to what we know about what lives on land, we know very little about what lives in the worlds' oceans so more discovering and exploring needs to be done!

When you start scuba diving you will be visiting a world that not a lot of people get to see & experience. You will be introduced to critters, fish and blobs you only knew from TV or the internet. You will have literally entered a different world, that is actually so close but only open to a few.

So get wet and explore!

2 Chill out & Let go

Scuba diving is super relaxing
Underwater time seems to fly by and everything is quiet, it is a great activity for any of you with very busy and stressful lives. The sound of the bubbles you're blowing is soothing and all sorts of marine life will just pass you by and not be bothered with what it is you're doing, where you're from or who you voted for. Underwater there is a strange sort of calmness going on. Everything has a function and purpose and things just get on with their 'days'.

I often compare dives with meditation, as calm breathing combined with silence just seems to empty my mind of any thought or troubles of the chaos and issues that go on at the surface.

We don't move a lot in diving, so it is no cardio workout, but it seems that in 1 hour of scuba diving you burn 500 calories on average! well that isn't bad either. And if the diving didn't make you lose weight, than walking around in a wetsuit and sweating sure will help you out with that 😉

3 Discover new fields of interest

When you start scuba diving you will notice that within time you will develop interests in areas you didn't have before. This could be photography, videography & editing, biology, geography, philosophy, anthropology, zoology and many other 'ologies'.

Once you start visiting the underwater world your understanding and appreciation of the seas & oceans and everything that lives under and above grows and get stronger. It is just a fact, there is nothing you can do about it.

Some people go on and change careers to be closer to the oceans in one way or another, other people grow extensive hobby activities. And some of them are like me …. they pack up the necessary bits and start traveling and soak up sun & life!

4 Holidays version 2.0

Once you get diving you will notice that how you look for a vacation or how you spend your time on vacation will change. You will look at other destinations to try and visit superb dive spots around the globe. Or whilst your on vacation skip that trip to the local market and go diving instead.

The great thing is that even if you have a cloudy or rainy day on your holiday, you can still dive! You can dive lakes, part of rivers, seas, oceans, quarries. Where there is water you can dive!

Diving is also a wonderful family activity. Children of the age of 10 can be certified divers, meaning the whole family can join in a day out on the dive boat or even go on a liveaboard trip.

5 Hello new friends!

Diving is still one of the steadiest growing activities world wide, with the different certifying agencies providing new divers at a fast rate annually. The dive community is large and ever growing.

Scuba diving is a very social activity and a very cool thing about it is that people from all layers of society and with all sorts of back stories participate in it. On a dive boat you can have a civil rights lawyer on your right and a plumber on your left and they all share the same interest …. the sea!

You will make new friends and some even for life. You will encounter people from parts of the world you may never have visited and maybe even pick up some words in a foreign language. We divers may not speak underwater, but on the surface after the dives it is time to unwind and let the storytelling take over!

I have met great people on dive excursions, or here at our dive center. People I am still in contact with and each in their own way have contributed something to my life. If anything I have learned from being a diver is that we are ALL just humans and our interest and will to let others in enriches us in many ways. There are no differences between us that really matter underwater, so why should they on the surface?

So that were my 5 reasons why you should start diving as soon as you can. I hope at least one of them is a deciding factor for you to get signed up for a scuba class after reading this post (and sharing it on your social media :))

If you are holidaying in Turkey or the Greek Islands Kos & Samos and would like to learn diving; contact me! I'll introduce you into the blue and make sure you are on your way to becoming an ocean lover & scuba Jedi

When you are already diving and you have more reasons why people should get into diving let me know in the comments here or in the comment section on YouTube for the video on the same topic. I am always curious about what motivates others, so hit that keyboard.

Happy diving everybody!

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