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Such a nice hashtag to follow on the various social places, but even more fab to participate in it!

Still as a full time ‘beach liver’ (Kylesan) there are things to consider, things you’d definitely need, things you can do without, things you just have to live with and many many things you can hack.

Having been a beach liver for many years now, I can say it is absolutely a great life to live as there is nothing better than to feel the sand in between your toes and the smell of the ocean in the morning or early evening. Life outside makes you hungry for more, curious about everything, chilled out, passionate about things that often don’t matter to ’the others’. Beach life come with some inconveniences, quirky encounters, yuk moments, laughter until you cry and your belly hurts, and so on.

Scattered along the post you will find the odd beach life story, can be tips, can be reviews, can be a vlog, can be a rant … go have a look 😉

–> beach life <–