Budget SUP review; ITIWIT Decathlon

affordable iSUP review – ITIWIT from Decathlon

Not everybody has stacks of cash stuck in a mattress somewhere so to buy a stand up paddle board when you are not sure if you’re into it, can be quite a shocker. Luckily there are plenty of inflatable SUP’s available that are in the ‘easy affordable’ price range and this board from Decathlon is one of those.

I reviewed how the assembly goes, what’s included for your money, how it tracks for example and in what conditions it is best to be used.

This board is available in 2 sizes, we purchased this size 323 cm long x 81cm wide x 15cm thick so this video review is based on that.

I found that you get a reasonably good board for your money!
The pump and the paddle are sold separately, but when you purchase it, it comes with a detachable fin and ankle strap. I found that the bag the board is sold in is a bit flimsy and will probably not have a long life if you use the board regularly. However if you just take out the board a few times a year, the bag will survive until you are ready to upgrade your SUP.

ITIWIT Decathlon – Single fin iSUP

Even though the board has a single fin, the track on it is pretty good, but be sure to take this board out in light winds and definitely no waves! For all of you that are balance-challenged, no worries this size is nice and wide and it feels to me like i’m riding a door; nice and stable low to medium level ‘wobbly-ness’.

The paddle to me felt a bit funky. The material used … i don’t know I had the feeling the paddle could bend any time you’d put some force on it. blade is narrow which makes it easy to row for beginners, but also you really have to find your groove to make some distance (it took me a while to find my groove!)

The padding on the deck is sturdy and the board is nicely glued together. It is obvious this is not a top of the range board, but it is for sure not a low budget looking / feeling / performing board!

All in all i was pleasantly surprised and would say this is a great board for beginners to mess around with until you are ready to get into SUP ‘for real’ and purchase something better. For families this is also great as the bag fits easily in the back of the car and kids will have a great time on this thing in summer (life vests and maybe any type of anchor/line please)

If you have this board as well let me know in the comments here or on YouTube how you like it, or if you have further questions for me with regards to my experience on this board, just hit me up!


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  4. When I ask a question at the end of a post, I always get responses. I do it judiciously, though, as I like to ‘mix it up’ and not always ask for a response.
    Hi James – great advice. I’m trying to ask open ended questions at the end of my posts, but it doesn’t always work, and often people will comment, but not answer the questions.

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