5 Reasons to start SUP straight away!

What's SUP with you?

It looks a bit funky, people standing up straight (or wonky) on some type of surf board. It's not surfing clearly and it's not kayaking obviously, what on earth are they doing?

Stand Up Paddle boarding or SUP short is hot hot hot! This thing has been going on in the States for ages, but Europe and the rest of the world has been catching on the last few years.

I am a lover of water and basically any activity you can connect to it, so when SUP boards became available around me I was lucky to snatch up one and paddle away!

So why are all these people going mental over SUP'ing? I can't speak for everybody but I can give you 5 of my top reasons why Stand Up Paddleboarding is wonderful.

1 Exercise

If you are like me, and live a moderate active lifestyle, are not a fan of the gym or just can't be bothered to really carve out time for it; SUP'ing is a great workout! Many athletes from various sports use paddling to cross-train. Regular paddling, yoga or pilates on a board it doesn't matter you are turning up the heart rate, working your muscles and burning calories. When you paddle muscles from your shoulders to your toes are at work and the best thing is that it doesn't feel like a workout!

2 Relaxing

Being out on the water is extremely peaceful and relaxing. There is just something about looking out over a wavy blue or green liquid surface 🙂 When people spend time on and in the water automatically they relax and feel content and the good kind of tired afterwards. That nature relaxes you and the sea is good for us has even been studied and proven. Before we're born into the world we spend plenty of time in liquid, that's why it just feels good!

3 Exploring

Being out on a SUPboard and seeing ordinary structures or landscapes from a different perspective is wonderful. Since the board doesn't have an engine it is just you, nature and wherever your paddling leads you. Paddling a stream or a lake gives you the opportunity to explore areas you didn't go before or are unable to go by car/bike/foot. Take full advantage of looking 'with different eyes' once you're on a board.

4 Social

While SUPping on your own or with your pet is great, there are also plenty of SUP events and races that are organized all over the world. Meet people with the same interest and have a great day out! Exchange tips and tricks or become first in a race! Since stand up paddling has become all the rage, it seems everybody is doing it and SUP clubs and events pop up everywhere. Get online, find an event and pack your board … it's time to get social!

5  Super Easy

everybody can paddle, it doesn't require specific skill, an expensive course program or even any shred of talent. All it requires is that you at some point balance yourself and have a good time! Kids and grownups can paddle, people with certain disabilities can paddle; honestly there are hardly any that can't or can't get the hang of it. If there was ever an activity that has a low threshold to get started with, SUP'ing is the one!

I understand not everybody can afford a paddle board straight of the bat, and luckily you do not need to. There are plenty of places where you can rent one, or try one out for a few hours. If you see one ask straight away if you can have a go, and believe me within no time you will be hooked!

Are you already paddling and do you have more reasons why people should give it a go? Let me know in the comments as I am always curious about other people's opinions.
I hope this post made you consider getting out on a board, and if you do share it on your social profiles so we can get the whole world on a SUP!

Happy Paddling Everybody!

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