Adaptive Scuba; what, why, how?!

Adaptive Scuba Aegean - Hello there

My partner and I have been doing adaptive diving and teaching for a while now and as a few others amongst us, we’ve noticed a climbing trend in the number of instructors and assistants available. This is great, however, we’d really wish the number of active divers with a disability grew much much faster. Since it is maybe harder to find an adaptive dive center with actual adaptive instructors at hand for people with various disabilities, here’s us chatting about what you can look out for and what to expect.

Do you have a disability and are considering diving, have a look at my FAQ if this is something for you

Adaptive Scuba Aegean & No Limits is So Scuba’s & Okenos’ individual or combined activities with the aim to build confidence in the lives of those with a disability, through the zero gravity experience of scuba diving.

scubseadaisy So Scuba Enjoy YourselfAs such it is important though that the aspiring diver know where to go, and what to expect rather than being positively overwhelmed without a frame of reference. If anything you should never rush the process of finding the right instructor for you. This is a specialized part of scuba instructor training and you HAVE to find the right qualified and skilled person for YOU.

Start by having a look at the IAHD (International Association of Handicapped Divers) website at the ‘instructor locator tool’ you’ll see all the active adaptive instructors and coaches on the map and you can contact them straight if you’d like.

Have fun with it and I hope you’ll take the plunge and go learn how to blow some bubbles!


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